Before and After at Lakeside Dental

Case Study 1: Spaces between teeth

Case Study 2: Crowded teeth

Ceramic materials allow "instant orthodontics." Teeth are realigned. Orthodontics could have also solved the crowding problem on the lower teeth if the patient had desired that.

Case Study 3: Worn, discoloured teeth

Worn and discoloured teeth are enhanced with porcelain restoration.

Case Study 4: Space between teeth

Case Study 5: Missing teeth

Multiple missing teeth replaced with a ceramic fixed bridge.

Case Study 6: Unattractive teeth

These unattractive teeth are made much more elegant.

Case Study 7: Overlapping central incisors

A relatively simple case with a very good outcome. The teeth were all whitened and the two overlapping central incisors (front teeth) were straightened with two porcelain veneers. The patient reported that prior to treatment, she was never complimented on her smile. Since the treatment of her two central incisors, she is now regularly told what a nice smile she has.